Engineering Services

Structural Engineering

I offer comprehensive structural engineering services for residential remodeling and new construction projects. Every project has its own unique features. I work to understand the overall vision and goals of the design, and then develop structural solutions to ensure they are practical, cost effective, and ultimately meet the desired outcome. I have years of experience designing with wood, steel, concrete, and masonry allowing me to deal with the complex and sometimes unpredictable situations that arise in home construction.

Storm Water Management

Many Michigan communities are mandating that residential sites incorporate storm water management as part of new construction and remodeling projects.  This may include something as simple as a rain barrel or rain garden. Larger projects may require more involved systems such as drywells, cisterns, retention ponds, subsurface infiltration beds, pervious pavements, or green roofs.  My experience is specific to designing a variety of storm water systems at the residential level. Not all storm water management techniques are created equal, and each situation requires an individualized approach. I work to find a solution that is tailored to homeowner’s lifestyle while meeting the regulatory requirements.

Site Development Plans

As a community becomes more urbanized, the remaining lots that were originally overlooked are targeted for development to meet the growing need. Land with complicated features, such as steep terrain or wetlands, may require an engineer to perform the site planning to meet regulatory requirements.  I have experience developing both site and grading plans for challenging residential properties. I take a collaborative approach to developing both plans, working with the surveyor, designer, and owner to balance the constraints of the property with the overall desired site use.

Steam Heating System Assessments

Steam heating is a lost art. As an owner of a steam heating system myself, I understand the challenges and eccentricities of living with steam heat. Many steam systems are removed during a remodel because of misconceptions regarding comfort, noise, and efficiency. The ones that remain have been neglected over time and are not operating at peak performance.  I have the specialized experience with steam systems as both a designer and someone who uses steam heat in my own home. I offer assessments to identify the causes of common problems such as high heating bills, noises, and uneven heat. Additionally, I can evaluate the feasibility of relocating radiators to accommodate a new floor plan and determine if the existing boiler is large enough to handle a new addition.